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Lotus at VIV ASIA 2023, March 8-10

Lotus Ozone at VIV Asia 2023, march 8-10

Poultry bird drinking water sanitation

14th February 2023 Installation Done! Well done Sandeep! LT-20A has 20g/hr of ozone output and is sufficient to treat 8-10 KLPH of drinking water...

Poultry Hatchery Setter Sanitation

Lotus Ozone LT-M2000 Disinfection System for hatchery setters.

Ozone is a proven disinfectant which is totally organic. Our ozone systems disinfect the hatchery setters which will improve the hygiene inside the setters and on the surface of eggs significantly.

Dosatron Dosing Pump Installation

Dosatron dosing pump installation