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Please Call or WhatsApp anytime +91 97407 47096


Service / Warranty:

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products, and expect them to perform without fail. We also realize that not all operating conditions are under our control. So, we have an able and always ready, factory trained service team at our customer's call. Mostly, these service engineers are setting up new installations, but can easily be sent to service any of our existing installations at any time.

We are the only Ozonator manufacturing company in the world that designs and manufactures 100% of the core components in-house.

That means we can guarantee end-to-end product life cycle assurance the way nobody else can. Because we manufacture ALL key components of an Ozonator, in-house, we never have to be at the mercy of a supplier being out of stock, or worse, out of business, or an overseas supplier from China, etc., 

Standard Warranty:

All our products carry a standard 12 month factory warranty for Parts and Labour against manufacturing defects.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC):

  • In addition to standard warranty we also offer annual maintenance contracts (AMC) for a number of years, as required, starting from the second year onwards.

  • Typically these charges are 10-15% of the cost of Ozonator. The AMC covers all parts and labour,
  • Our service engineers will visit the site periodically to inspect the overall performance of the Ozonator, and also check the Oxygen purity levels, etc., and advise the customer as needed.

  • Other terms and conditions will be made available on request.