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Lotus Ozone Tech Pvt. Ltd., uses state of the art “Detonation Spray Coating (DSC) Technology” in the electrode manufacturing process. DSC is one of the most advanced Ceramic coating technologies in the world. The electrodes are the heart of an Ozonator. With this basis, Lotus Ozone proudly introduces – “Advanced Ceramic Electrode based Ozonators”.

This is done at our world class manufacturing facility in Chennai, India.
Lotus Ozone has researched & developed high quality Ozonators using the Ceramic Electrodes which are coated with Detonation-Gun (D-Gun). This results in the:

• Highest di-electric strength
• Highest concentration Ozone
• Consistent high level performance without drop-off in concentration unlike glass electrodes
• Significant Increase in electrode life
• Much smaller foot print of total system for a given output compared to glass electrode

(Note: Currently in India most Ozonators are manufactured with glass electrodes which have very low concentration & low reliability, and they tend to have a very short life of a few months, before they crack or puncture, in the Ozone formation process with the Corona Discharge (CD) method. They occupy several times more space than ceramic electrodes. Their Ozone output also drops off dramatically after a few months of operation.)

While the electrode is the heart of the Ozonator, our custom designed hitech IGBT based electronics is the brain that monitors and controls all the input parameters, such as the current, voltage, frequency, etc., giving the optimum levels to the electrode to get the best quality Ozone output. We benchmark ourselves with the top 5 Ozonator manufacturers in the world.

Consistent product quality coupled with timely & innovative solutions has placed Lotus Ozone as the fastest growing Ozonator manufacturer in India. Lotus Ozone has extensive experience in manufacturing high concentration, large capacity ozonators, from 100 gm/hr to 10 kg/hr capacity & above).

These can be used to process water and waste water from 5 tons/hr to 1,000 tons/hr. Lotus Ozone has the solution for all Air, Water, Waste water, effluent & sewage treatment requirements with respect to Ozone Technology.

Our people are our biggest strength. We have decades of combined experience in the manufacturing, installation, service and application engineering in our field.