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Poultry Hatchery Setter Sanitation

Lotus Ozone LT-M2000 Disinfection System for hatchery setters.

Ozone is a proven disinfectant which is totally organic. Our ozone systems disinfect the hatchery setters which will improve the hygiene inside the setters and on the surface of eggs significantly.

Our systems are automated and they operate without much human intervention, resulting in significant improvements in hatchability and zero contamination.

It's a great product. First time in India and probably in the world too.. Very innovative thinking. It's a result of years of experience in the poultry industry combined with the best Ozone application knowledge.

It's an excellent offering for the benefit of all stake holders in the poultry industry. Payback period within 2-3 months. Proven results.

Well done Vasanth Rao and Sandeep Simon! 👏👏👏

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