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Lotus Ozone Air Purifier Benefits:

  • Kills all microbes (Bacteria, Virus etc), moulds, fungus etc., in the air.
  • Stops cross infection and spread of air borne germs and virus by Killing micro-organisms permanently.
  • De-odourises air and does not mask odour as done by other aerosol sprays.
  • Keeps the play area continuously fresh and odour free.
  • Keeps the play area continuously germ/virus free.
  • Lotus ozonators are free from chemicals and smoke.
  • Works instantly with immediate results.

When play schools are germ spots:

Having been a pediatrician for the past 40 years, I look after children from birth to adolescence, and seeing children happy and healthy is my mission.

... Many distressed parents keep complaining that their 2-to-3-year-olds are falling sick (with colds, stomach infections etc.) every two to three weeks. My first question to them is, "When did your child join play school?" With that answered, my next query is, "When did these illnesses become frequent?" Invariably, the dates coincide....

And the reason is!
... germs love a crowd because then they can easily spread from one to the other to another till the last child in the class falls prey to them. It has been well documented in scientific literature that diseases like influenza, hepatitis, diarrhoea, skin infections and meningitis are best spread in play schools where toddlers are in close contact with each other.

Another germ hotspot in certain play schools: the pet zone. Animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds like pigeons and parrots are carriers of some dangerous bugs. And in the absence of proper precautions, kids may acquire certain severe infections like salmonellosis.

Of course there is the sand pit in the playground and the blackboard chalk where the child is exposed to dust and in due course gets asthma, allergic rhinitis or other allergies.

Why children fall prey:

To fight a germ invasion, children have innate immunity (they are born with) but their acquired immunity takes a while to develop. No wonder any kind of infection is more frequent and more severe in children than in adults.

Also, children are germ magnets. Unlike grown-ups they are not able to follow hygienic habits. They pick up and pass on germs all the time- when they lick toys, when they don't wash hands before eating, or when they sit close to each other. Naturally one has to be a lot more careful about them.

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 Viral infection spreading among kids:

... City pediatricians are seeing an increased number of children suffering from hand-foot-mouth disease, an illness caused by a virus called enterovirus that results in painful sores in/on the mouth, hands and feet followed by viral fever and throat infection. ..

The infection is normally seen after summer, when playschools and day care centres re-open. Children are easily infected as they tend to touch everything and put their hands in their mouth. In a closed environment, the illness spreads quickly. Adults can also catch the infection from children...

"The last fortnight has been crazy and there's definitely an outbreak. is viral is highly contagious and spreads fast among children...

Dr Dinesh Banur, paediatrician at Columbia Asia, Hebbal, who is attending to hand-foot-mouth infected children at the hospital. We are getting children of all ages. Only in rare situations does the condition get complicated. Hygiene is very important to contain the spread, but it is difficult to maintain that degree of hygiene in school,'' says Dr Banur.


Safe and Hygienic solution:

  • Ozone is the world’s most effective natural disinfectant. Absolutely no chemicals and residues and side effects.
  • Continuous disinfection is achieved with the LT-M500 Ozonator for rooms of size 200 Sft. is can be fitted on a stand in a corner of the room.
  • For larger rooms we could place multiple Ozonators.
  • For rooms with Split AC, the Ozonator can be fitted above the AC unit.
  • For rooms without AC or other fans, we can fit a small fan, near the Ozonator for better air flow, hence better all around disinfection in the room.
  • For play areas with centralised AC and ducting etc., the LT-M2000 model is suited to provide ozone directly into the ducts. is keeps the ducts also germ free, as usually the duct filters are prone to develop bacteria, molds and spores, due to moisture.
  • Nightly or weekly fumigation can be done with a portable model LT-M2000


  • Plug and use instantly
  • Fully automated with On/Off timer
  • 12 months warranty
  • Complete satisfaction assured
  • Can be left turned on 24 hours, with auto-timer