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Food Processing

Food and Surface Sanitation

Ozone-enriched cold water (aqueous ozone)simultaneously sanitizes food products, processing equipment and surfaces.

Ozone is an approved antimicrobial disinfectant for use on food commodities, food-contact and non-food contact surfaces. During processing, ozone can be used as a continuous antimicrobial aqueous spray on food, while simultaneously sanitizing surfaces such as conveyor belts, resulting in improved food safety, extended run times and reduced downtime for cleaning and sanitizing.

Key Points:

  • Improve Food Quality
  • Reduce microorganisms
  • Break down pesticides
  • Increase shelf-life
  • Destroy biofilm
  • No additive labeling required
  • Cut sanitation costs

Ozone is Proven Effective:

Each segment of the food industry hasits own unique set of target organisms they must inactivate to ensure against food borne illnesses and premature spoilage. Egg producers strive to eliminate salmonella, while the produce and beef industries monitor for E. coli. The beverage industry, also concerned with pathogens, faces some unique challenges in preventing contamination with molds, yeasts and thermophillic microorganisms.


Current Uses:

  • Ozone's ability to sanitize bottles and bottle fillers without imparting a chemical aftertaste made it the ideal bottled water sanitizer. In November of 1982, the US-FDA declared Ozone as ‘Generally Regarded As Safe’(GRAS) for the treatment of bottled water (21 CFR § 184.1563).
  • Today, many beverage plants rely on ozone as their primary process water disinfectant.


Some of the Benefits using Aqueous Ozone for Food Safety and Facility Sanitation are:

  • It is a totally organic process, in that no chemicals are used. It is certified by the US Dept. of Agriculture, as USDA-Organic.
  • Significant energy savings. Much less energy is used, as Hot water is not required in this process. On the contrary, Aqueous ozone works better at room temp water.
  • Worker Safety and comfort is increased as Hot water sanitation can be avoided. Similarly less dependence on chemicals also increases worker safety and comfort.
  • Any process that uses less chemicals, energy and increased safety and comfort, will be sustainable.
  • Increased ease of compliance with several national and international regulations, and certification requirements regarding food safety.
  • Wider spectrum of pathogens are eliminated as compared to traditional chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, etc.,
  • No resistance is built up in the pathogens, as they are completely killed using Aqueous Ozone with the cell lysis. Traditionally chemicals in permitted doses, only tend to stun the pathogens and inactivates them temporarily. They can become active again as the environment becomes suitable for them to thrive. This also leads to the pathogens building up resistance over a period of time, using traditional methods.

  • Some of the chemicals that are traditionally used in the disinfection process, lead to unintended problems, with Disinfection by Products (DBP), such Trihalomethanes (THM), some of which are carcinogenic. As awareness has increased regarding these DBP, traditional methods are being replaced with Aqueous Ozonation. Ozone has no dangerous by products, except oxygen, this leads to increased dissolved oxygen (DO) in the wash water.
  • Due to the increased DO, it reduces the COD and BOD in the wash water going to the drains.
  • No rinse cycle required. Traditional methods involving chemical disinfection, also require a Rinse cycle, to get rid of any chemical residues etc., This is especially difficult in closed pipe lines that are long, over head and with many bends and filters etc., With Aqueous Ozone sanitation process, rinse cycle is not at all required, as within minutes any residual Ozone is converted to oxygen. This is the reason that US-FDA has approved for Ozone to come into direct contact with food surfaces.
  • Much of wash water can be recycled easily, when compared to the wash water generated with traditional methods.
  • In addition to the direct cost savings, there are the additional benets by reducing the risks associated with purchasing, stocking chemicals, detergents, etc., significant time savings are also achieved in the build up to the wash cycles such as heating water,adding chemicals, avoiding the rinse cycles, etc.

Our solutions include a wide range of in-process food contact and surface sanitation systems to achieve complete facility-wide sanitation.

Aqueous Ozone Food Sanitation

Integrated into any aqueous operation, ozone-enriched cold water can be used for direct contact sanitation on fruits, vegetables, raw and ready-to-eat (RTE) meat, poultry and seafood, and eggs. Aqueous Ozone can be applied as a low-pressure spray, automatically or manually, it can be added to flume water and recirculated/recycled or sent to drain. Ozone effectively kills food and human pathogens all while improving food quality, ensuring compliance and helping to improve sustainable practices.

Aqueous Ozone Surface Sanitation

Ozone-enriched cold water can sanitize both food-contact and non-food contact surfaces via standard or customized systems. Ozone will reduce fat, oil and grease, kill microorganisms, and remove biofilm build-up on all surfaces, including floor drains. Ozone sanitation spray is extremely effective at keeping conveyor belts clean and free of food debris, sugar, fat, grease and pathogens, even during processing.

Ozone is US-FDA, USDA and USDA-ORGANIC approved antimicrobial food sanitizer. All Lotus Ozone systems comply with both antimicrobial efficacy and worker safety standards.


Lotus Food Safety Solutions

  • System Design
  • Antimicrobial Expertise
  • Ozone Generation Equipment
  • Ozone Management Equipment
  • Filtration/Ancillary Components
  • Factory Installation/Integration
  • Operator/Maintenance Training
  • Staff Safety Training
  • On-Site Service


Surfaces Treated

  • Food Commodities
  • Food-Contact Surfaces
  • Floors, Walls and Drains
  • Any Wettable Surfaces


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