Please Call or WhatsApp anytime +91 97407 47096
Please Call or WhatsApp anytime +91 97407 47096

About us

Lotus Ozone is an esteemed member of the International Ozone Association company that values and prioritizes the safety, health, and satisfaction of our customers.

Our mission

• To be the World’s leading company in the manufacture of Ozonators (Ozone Generators).

• To meet and exceed our customer’s expectations about us.

• To be the best Application Engineering company in the use and application of Ozone for various industries and in various processes. Thereby, providing the most environmentally and economically ideal solutions.

Advisory Board

We have an advisory board, whose members have decades of Technical experience, as well as Strategic, Finance and Marketing experience. They are based in India, Europe and the USA. They steer and guide us to deliver results for our customers, with excellence. For more details of our advisory board,

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Total Quality Management (TQM) Systems: We rigorously follow the principles laid out in the TQM systems for all aspects of company operations from Sales, Service, Manufacturing to Supply Chain Logistics. We also adhere to the ‘Kaizen’ philosophy of continuous improvement.

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