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Please Call or WhatsApp anytime +91 97407 47096

Cold Storages

Gaseous ozone has been shown to effectively combat mold and bacteria in a cold storage environment and directly on produce in cold storage. The main benefit of using gaseous ozone is that mold and bacteria can be controlled both in the air and on surfaces.

Ozone Gaseous Treatment Benefits:
Air-borne and surface-borne microbial control.

  •  Ethylene gas removal.
  •  Ozone generated, moni,tored and applied automatically on-site.
  •  Treats & sanitizes incoming cold the air at point of introduction and
  • maintains ozone residual for mold control.
  •  Helps maintain product quality in cases of increased hold times (5-10 day increased storage life).
  •  Odor Control – “fresh and clean” smell with ozone.
  •  Air Sterilization is a continuous and safe process.
  •  Ozone does not leave any effect on workers and on the product.
  •  Approved by FDA, USA and other countries.
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